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What stones are available for the manufacture of overflow swimming pools?

Almost, any stone can be used for swimming pools, no matter how sensitive some of them may be, like, sandstone and soft limestone, but, only, after been processed properly.

Water, does not do any harm, to stones. Any rock remains intact in the sea, but, it will wear off from mechanical friction (waves). Water is not corrosive itself. Instead, hydrochloric acid HCL is what erodes the rocks into a pool. When pH control is lost in the pool water, then the environment turns extremely acidic and then rock is eroded, as rock contains Ca (Calcium). Erosion of copings of  3cm thickness, may last between 1 week to 3 years, and this depends how low pH reaches, and, for how long this condition lasts. However, there are rocks such as granite, quartz and reconstructed marble, which are non-sensitive to acidic environment and low pH.