Artificial (engineering) marbles: Advantages and Disadvantages

The artificial (engineering) marbles processed by POOLSTONES by SOFIKITIS are offered in beige, grey and white color, all having the same composition.

Their main advantages consist of the color homogeneity and the resistance in an acidic environment, in particular in an environment where the pH is significantly low. Moreover, the large proportion of resin (7%) contained in artificial marbles composition contributes to their greater flexural (bending) strength compared to all other natural stones.

On the other hand, the high percentage of resin contained in artificial marbles composition could be also perceived as a significant disadvantage. More precisely, due to the resin existence, artificial marbles bonding in a high-temperature environment, such as the Mediterranean, is considered as a difficult and complicated process.

Therefore, the use of artificial marble is restricted to decorating pool copings and drain grates, always accompanied by high quality adhesives, while it should be avoided in cases of outdoor floor decking.